Pro-baseball group hosts t-shirt fundraiser to benefit Pink Ribbon Project

WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Port City Baseball, the grassroots group working to bring awareness to the benefits minor league baseball could bring to Wilmington, is selling t-shirts to promote their message and support the Pink Ribbon Project.

The Pink Ribbon Project, founded in 1998, works to promote awareness of breast cancer, aide women through the trials of a cancer diagnosis and support them during subsequent treatment. Port City Baseball is excited to support their efforts and will donate all proceeds from the sale of their pro-stadium t-shirts to this project.

Chris Fernandez and Terry Spencer of Port City Baseball believe the benefit for Pink Ribbon is precisely the kind of community outreach effort for which minor league teams are known.

“The impact of this stadium and team will be much bigger than baseball,” said Fernandez, founder of Port City Baseball. “This whole effort is about making Wilmington a better community and what we’ve seen in other communities across the country is that Minor league teams become integral parts of their communities and sponsor a variety of community-related charity events.”

According to Spencer, the fundraiser and partnership with the Pink Ribbon Project is a “natural fit,” when you consider the “Pink Jersey” nights for breast cancer awareness and fundraisers that are regular events at minor league ballparks throughout the country. For Spencer, this is also personal. “I have been personally touched by this terrible disease and am thrilled that we can lend our support to such a worthwhile cause,” he said.

Port City Baseball is currently hosting a pre-sale on t-shirts. To participate in this fundraiser and support the Pink Ribbon Project, please visit:

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