Professor wins lawsuit against UNCW

By Pressley Baird

A professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington who sued the university in 2007 has won his case against the school, according to the case manager for the US District Court in Greenville.

Mike Adams, an associate professor of criminology at UNCW, accused the university of religious and speech-based discrimination when he was not promoted to full professor in 2006. A jury ruled Thursday in Adams’ favor. Adams said Thursday he was “speechless” at the end of what he called a seven-year “legal wrangling.”

“I’m just really thrilled that the jury ruled in our favor,” he said. “I’m pleased and honored.”

WWAY spoke with the attorney representing Mike Adams, Travis Barham, who said “They concluded that the University of North Carolina Wilmington retaliated against Dr Adams by denying him a promotion in 2006 and they retaliated against him because they did not like the views he expressed in his books and columns and speeches. Basically, they didn’t like what he said in his own time.”

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