Providing safety and warmth, crossing guard offers students free coats

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It’s the season of giving. A time when heartfelt stories of the gift of human compassion quickly spread and become viral.

That’s what happened to Minnie Galloway, when her selfless deed captured the attention of many on social media Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

You see, Minnie is a crossing guard in front of Trask Middle School in New Hanover County. It’s a job she’s been doing for 19 years.

“I’ve thought we’re special to have Ms. Minnie,” parent Amy Mathis said. “I’ve never known of a crossing guard like her before.”

Her duty to keep children safe.

Her self-imposed duty to try and keep children warm, as well.

She went to the Salvation Army and got 30 coats.  Those coats came with her when she went to work on Wednesday and Thursday. She pulled out a coat rack, hung them up, and offered them to students for free.

“Sometimes I don’t know if they have them or not. Some say they have them at home, but I don’t know I just let them go ahead and if they want them,” Minnie said.

A simple act that speaks volumes.

“You never know who is paying attention and I have some parent ya know stop by and say I appreciate you doing this for our kids,” Minnie said. “I have some people that come by that don’t even have any kids and let me know that they appreciate what I do and it makes me feel good.”

A picture of Minnie and her rack of coats posted on Facebook shared nearly 1,000 times by Thursday afternoon. Nearly 200 comments, many from people who know Minnie, sharing their own stories of her giving ways, from offering students notebooks to umbrellas.

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