Quick-acting witnesses save victims of fiery car crash

MAPLE HILL, NC (WWAY) — Skid marks and glass still line a ditch near the 7000 block of NC 50 near Maple Hill after an accident yesterday afternoon.

Two cars collided head-on at high speeds trapping four people in a burning car. Luckily neighbors came to the rescue.

“All I heard was a boom, so I turned around. I thought it was my father,” Donald Watkins said. “And I noticed it was two cars, so I ran inside and grabbed my phone.”

The car accident Thursday sent four people to the hospital and put one car up in flames.

“We did not even think,” Judy Francis said.

A couple of neighbors and a UPS driver worked together to get the passengers out of both vehicles, but they had to act quickly, as the car in the ditch had caught fire.

“When she was in the car, you could see the flames under the dash,” Watkins said. “So me and the UPS guy knew we had to get her out.”

There were two women and a child trapped in the car. Watkins said the driver looked like she was in a lot of pain, and the passenger was pinned. He got the child out first.

“He gave me the little girl out of there,” Francis said. “One lady got out by herself. Then it was a problem of getting the other two out.”

The rescuers worked quickly as the flames grew.

“Everything was moving so fast,” Watkins said. “We got her out. And then we turned around and the car was in flames.”

“If we would have waited any second, everybody would have been burned,” Francis said. “It would have been a total loss.”

Neighbors are just happy everyone got out safe.

“I guess it was God’s plan for me to be home washing my car when the accident happened,” Watkins said.

Highway patrol has not released the names of the people involved in the accident. Troopers say there is no update on their conditions.

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