“Pizza Diet Man” cycles into Wilmington on 30-day pizza bike tour

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Matt McClellan is the new face of the pizza industry. Monday night he visited Terrazzo Trattoria in Wilmington to tout his pizza diet.

“Pizza is not junk food,” McClellan said. “We just need to eat it differently. We’re trained to eat it wrong. We’re trained to eat a whole large pizza at midnight with a two-liter soda and fall asleep. Pizza is actually the healthiest choice of all the fast food choices.”

McClellan is halfway through a 30-day bike tour. It’s a diet tour he calls the Tour de Pizza. The diet is simple. He eats one slice of pizza every three hours. He combines the pizza with exercise. This month he’s getting plenty of exercise on his bike. Before the bike ride McClellan lost 24 pounds and five inches off his waistline.

We had our doubts about the pizza diet, so we called Wilmington nutritionist Heidi Kaufman. She said you can actually lose weight eating pizza if you combine it with a lot of exercise. She said the key part is the exercise and eating pizza in moderation.

For more information on McClellan and the pizza tour check out http://www.tourdepizza.com.

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