Reaction to student bringing weapons to Columbus County school

LAKE WACCAMAW, NC (WWAY) — “I was actually sitting behind her and then she was looking up how to make a bomb and I thought she was joking until she started smiling about it and she wouldn’t throw it away,” an East Columbus High School student said.

It wasn’t a joke. A classmate describes what it was like when she found out a student as East Columbus was serious.

“I didn’t know that she had a knife this whole time when she was sitting beside me and she was showing it to other kids and everything and that’s very dangerous cause you shouldn’t even have a weapon at the school anyways,” the student said.

The Columbus county sheriff’s office says after being notified, they arrested a 14 year-old girl who brought a homemade incendiary device and a large steak knife to school. News like this makes East Columbus High School alumnus, Lee Pham, confused and worried for those as the school.

“I really don’t know why someone would want to do that, like bring that to school but I mean, no telling,” Pham said.

Other members of the community are worried after hearing this and hope nothing like this happens again.

“I’m just glad that, not just the students, but the staff too, is safe and didn’t get injured,” Candice Hughes, an East Columbus High School alum said.

“I’m glad that all the students are safe. I’m glad that they are able to take care of the situation. But I also hope that, you know, we’re getting security things in place where this doesn’t happen,” Dean Clark said.

We spoke with the Columbus County Schools Public Information Officer, Kelly Jones. He says right now, they’re not sure what will happen with the student because law enforcement is handling the investigation. Jones said staff and faculty are prepared, and handled things safely.

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