Red light money going to schools

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — Thanks to all “red light” runners caught on tape, New Hanover County schools are getting a financial windfall.

Ninety percent of all the revenue from the red light tickets will go to the county’s school district.

That’s $3.6 million.

The cash comes from five years of revenue from the City’s red-light camera program.
Tuesday night City Council is expected to transfer the money from the City to the school board.

Council will also decide if the red light camera program will continue going forward.

Wilmington resident James Foster said, “I think the City will take out the red-light cameras because they’re not getting enough from it. The fact that the majority of it is going to go to the schools will cause them to take them out.”

Under state law money from the red-light cameras has to go to the schools.

There will be a workshop for the Board of Education to decide how the money will be used.

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