Regulators approve terminal groin for Bald Head Island

BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — State regulators have given approval for a terminal groin off of Bald Head Island.

The NC Division of Coastal Management this week issued a Coastal Area Management Act, or CAMA, Major Permit to the Village of Bald Head Island to build a terminal groin up to 1,900 feet long at the point between South Beach and West Beach.

The permit was issued under a law that amended the NC Coastal Area Management Act to allow permitting of up to four terminal groins at North Carolina ocean inlets to protect structures and infrastructure from erosion.

The NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources says a terminal groin is a long, low structure, typically made of rock or concrete, which extends out into the ocean at the end of an island, and is intended to trap sand and prevent beach erosion.

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