‘Reject the Cover-up’ rally held the day of the final impeachment vote

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The impeachment vote is not just a discussion happening in Washington. In the Cape Fear, a group gathered in downtown Wilmington to protest the impeachment trial and the vote to acquit.

“Everywhere we go, people want to know! Who we are, so we tell them…we reject the cover-up!” the crowd chanted.

Dozens gathered to reject what they’re calling a cover-up.

Nationwide protests organizers say are to hold President Trump and republican lawmakers accountable on the day of the final senate impeachment vote.

“Any acquittal that is made after blocking evidence, documents, and witnesses it’s not an exoneration, it’s a cover up,” event organizer Kathryn Polk said.

After the senate voted to deny any additional witnesses or evidence, some were left feeling like the trial was incomplete.

“I think our justice system is not just,” community activist Vickie Cunningham said. “I would think even the Trump supporters would want there to be a hearing because if Mr. Trump has done nothing then they could have him exonerated.”

“If a regular person committed a crime there would be witnesses and documents and anything available,” another activist Jackie Lew said.

“And that’s bipartisan. It shouldn’t be a political party line issue,” Polk added. “It seems pretty straight forward.”

No matter what party you associate with, one protester offers some advice.

“Every single person who is able should be voting,” Cunningham said. “Before you vote read what is the truth, read where the candidates stand, and make a decision based on what you believe are your principles. And vote!”

The deadline to register to vote is Friday, February 7 at 5pm.

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