Rep. David Rouzer says Democrats need to put offer on table to end shutdown

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The government shutdown continues into day 33. Politicians cannot seem to come to an agreement.

President Trump made a proposal, but Democratic leaders are still not satisfied. Over the weekend, Trump proposed an offer in attempt to end the shutdown, but Democrats dismissed the offer.

Congressman David Rouzer says compromise requires both sides to bring offers and ideas to the table. Rouzer says he has spoken to some of his Democratic colleagues.

He says they are also frustrated as the shutdown drags on.

“They’re starting to get really frustrated with the speaker. They want her to come to the table and cut a deal. The president made a nice offer this weekend. It’s not everything that Democrats want, but if they come to the table and make and counter offer, I think the president will move forward and work something out with them. but they’ve got to come to the table first,” said Rep. David Rouzer.

Rouzer says a number of Democrats in the house are pushing their leadership to make an offer.

“I talk to some of my Senate colleagues. I talk to my House Democrat friends that I see in the gym and at other times during the day, and encourage them to get their leadership to come to the table. That’s about as much as I can do as one person out of 435,” said Rouzer.

Rouzer says there is only so much he can do on his own, without support from both sides.

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