Rep. Rouzer holds community coffee event and discusses Syrian refugees

CALABASH, NC (WWAY) — Congressman David Rouzer held a “Coffee with your Congressman” event in Calabash today.

Area residents gathered at Dockside Seafood House to get a chance to express their questions and concerns in a relaxed environment with the congressman.

Rouzer started off the event with a rundown of what’s happening with Congress in Washington, then opened the floor for questions. Questions were asked about everything from the future of social security to traffic problems in the Leland area.

“It’s not often you get to be face-to-face with your congressman, it’s the only time they’re willing to take a few minutes of their time, so I’m willing to take my time to come out here,” said David Marino who came to the event with his wife.

When asked about the Syrian refugee crisis, Rouzer (who joined other members of the Republican Party this week, asking that the Obama Administration cease sending refugees to North Carolina) said the best way to ensure the safety of American citizens is to have top U.S. intelligence and security officials sign off on all refugees entering the country from Syria and Iraq.

“That puts in place a very high standard because not one of those individuals is going to sign for anybody if they have the slightest idea or slightest inkling that there may be a problem,” said Rouzer.

He added that it may take a few years to clear every refugee, but it is necessary.



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