Rep. Rouzer hosts town hall meeting, people vent frustrations

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Monday night tensions ran high as people voiced their concerns to Representative David Rouzer (R) on a number of issues. Representative Rouzer came to Wilmington to host a town hall meeting. It gave people in our area a chance to ask questions and share their opinions.

A number of people commented on defunding Planned Parenthood. Some sided with Rouzer in agreement with it, others said there needs to be a bigger focus on people who are already here, by providing them with healthcare and an education.

Another hot button issue was veteran health care. Franklin Holdham, an Iraqi war veteran, asked Rouzer what they are doing in Washington DC to get veterans their health care services sooner and more efficiently.

“It’s not just me, its everybody else in Wilmington, in Southeast North Carolina, in Fayetteville, it’s a problem,” Said Holdham. “We have this huge facility that we paid so much for that you can’t even get enough doctors and nurses and rehabilitation services to make it effective.”

Rouzer responded to that comment by saying right now he is working on a bill that would allow veterans to go to other health care providers outside the VA health care system but he said they face challenges.

“The problem is you have to have super majority vote to get anything through both the house and the senate,” said Rouzer.

Another concern people brought up was Syrian refugees being admitted into the US. Rouzer said there needs to be more regulations and the number of people needs to be reduced.

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