Republican National Committee trained volunteers for voter registration in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —National Voter Registration Day is Tuesday, September 28, and the deadline to register for the November 2 election is October 5.

The Republican National Committee, holding a training event  in Wilmington today. Nearly 35 volunteers were taught how to register and mobilize voters. NC GOP chairman Michael Whatley, spoke about the volunteers’ importance in getting voters registered.

“What we’re trying to do right now, is start building that infrastructure that we’re going to need in terms of volunteers and training them for get out to vote activities that we’re going to be doing later in the year. As well as election integrity training, that we’re going to be running over the course of year,” said Michael Whatley, NC GOP chairman.

Since the first National Voter Registration Day in 2012, nearly than 4.5 million voters have registered on the holiday.

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