Residents hold special event to raise money for Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Residents held a special event to raise money for the Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol on Friday.

Residents participated in the 19th Sit-A-Thon to save the turtles.

Participants started the event by sitting in chairs at the edge of the water and as the tide came in, the goal was to not fall over.

However, with strong tides that was impossible for many, which is why the last one sitting won the competition.

Winner Shane Krikham said his hard work paid off.

“We were practicing earlier in the waves with no chair. We were just holding onto our feet trying not to get blown back,” Kirkham said. “But I’d say I’ve been training for a while now for this competition. I’ve been doing it every year I’ve been down here.”

An organizer said the event is one of the single largest donations to the Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol each year.

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