Residents want H2Go gone

BELVILLE, NC (WWAY) — In Brunswick County folks want to take their water back. Thursday, they held a town hall style meeting to discuss just that and sort out the facts from the fiction.

At a packed house in Belville residents sounded off about H2Go a company they want to see gone. H2GO is the company that distributes water to folks in the Magnolia Greens area of Brunswick County.

The goal of tonight’s meeting was to dispel so called fictions residents feel about H2GO’s decision to build a new water plant in their area. Folks from Brunswick County Public Utilities were on hand to answer questions. The concern started growing when H2Go announced plans to build a new water treatment plant in between Magnolia Greens and Waterford. Folks at the meeting say this is only the beginning.

“There will be a petition going around to all the residents of these towns and once we have enough of these we are going to go to the state legislators,” said Ralph Maggio, who organized the meeting.

Taking their voices to the state legislature is what they may have to do as H2Go was created by the legislature and their board approved by voters. So regardless of how these folks feel about it Brunswick County Public utilities said at the meeting tonight if H2Go wants to build a new water plant they essentially can as long as their permits are in order.

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