Residents of Old Wilmington unveils artwork for kitchen tour

The Residents of Old Wilmington’s Back Door Historic Kitchen Tour isn’t until October – but today the group unveiled a print of one of the homes on the tour. It’s a historic home at 410 South Front Street. The painting, by artist James Davis, will be displayed in the River to Sea Gallery in Chandlers Wharf in downtown Wilmington. There’s a raffle to win the painting. Residents of Old Wilmington says it chose Davis’s art because of his unique style.

“The thing that’s so different about his art is that it changes throughout the day as different light hits it so you’ll see it differently in the morning than you would late at night because of the different layers of paints.” said Sherry Demas who is the “Mayor” of Residents of Old Wilmington.

“Wilmington is a great city and R.O.W does a lot of good work in the city and a lot of volunteer work,” Davis said. “They spend a lot of their time and I get a lot of support from downtown and from R.O.W and I just felt like it was something I could give back to the community.”

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