Rideshare service for kids coming to Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Uber and Lyft have been in the Cape Fear for a number of years, soon they’ll be joined by a ride-sharing service that caters to children.

This app is perfect for parents who are just too busy to pick up their kids from activities like soccer practice or piano lessons. It’s called “GoKart Kids”.

It’s for children between the ages of 6 and 17.

Jamie Phelps is a mother of 3 boys, who often spend late nights at school playing sports. So, Phelps says for years she’s been using Uber to give her kids rides.

“After school, they stay and play sports,” Phelps said. “My son is on the other side of town so it would definitely help getting him from that side of town to this side of town and my other son is on this side of town already so I can’t be in two places.”

So, Tabatha Willman is leading a solution to this problem that Phelps and every other busy, Wilmington parent faces with “GoKart Kids.”

“Just download the app and put in all your child’s information including their picture,” Willman said. “When you’re ready to book a ride, you just schedule it.”

But, trusting a ride-sharing service is not that simple for one parent.

“We hear a lot of things going on with Uber drivers and passengers,” Teera Jordan said. “Would it be the same qualifications as an Uber driver?”

Willman says the process is more extensive and it involves a multi-jurisdictional background check that spans the drivers entire life.

“They have to have a 100% clear record,” Willman said. “It also tells us in live time so, if a driver was to get in trouble the night before, we’d already know about it and turn their app off and the same goes with the DMV so they have to have a clear driving record as well.”

She says she already has a handful approved to start driving in Wilmington.

“Some of them are child care providers, some of them are teachers, and some of them are retired moms,” Willman said. “One is a mom and she just wants to do something while her kids is in school.”

Phelps adds, based on her experience, she would definitely feel more comfortable using this service for her kids.

“Some people look a little sketchy and scary so to know it would be a mother-type person picking them up would definitely make me want to use that,” Phelps said.

Willman says the app also allows parents to see the entire drive with access to call the driver directly before, during and after the drop-off.

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