Robot helps WFD deal with Hazmat situations

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Fire and Hazmat crews demonstrated how their department’s robot works today. Its nickname is Wall-E, and it’s used to detect and monitor chemicals in the air.

It’s equipped with four cameras, two microphones and a siren. The robot’s purpose is to keep crews safe in hazardous material situations, sending info to the hazmat crews wirelessly.

Wall-E operates using an Xbox controller.

“This unit has everything from the capability of climbing stairs to going up to just over a half mile in a straight line from where we might have our command post, and therefore kind of sending itself in there to let us know what we have going on,” WFD Hazmat Crew member Derek Mickler said.

The robot can drag up to 185 pounds. It is the same kind of robot that was used in 9/11 efforts.

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