Rouzer urges VA to expedite physician hiring process

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — U.S. Rep. David Rouzer says he wants to encourage the Veterans Administration to prioritize expediting the process of hiring physicians.

Rouzer, a Republican who represents North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District, visited the Wilmington VA Medical Center located at 1705 Gardner Drive on Monday.

For years, veterans have complained about long wait times to see physicians and poor customer service at VA centers nationwide.

“I want to make sure the VA has the best and brightest doctors possible,” Rouzer said.

During his Wilmington visit, Rouzer said he asked the Center’s director, “What hold ups do we have in terms of attracting the very best and top talent?”

Rouzer was surprised to learn how long it actually takes for the VA to complete the hiring process for a new physician.

“By the time they have someone on the line, six or seven months will go by because they are going through all their bureaucratic red tape and, by that point and time in many cases, those very talented doctors have moved on to other employment,” Rouzer said.

He said he planned to share his concerns with VA Secretary Robert Wilkie and press for a speedier hiring process.

Rouzer also shared his thoughts about a group that toppled the controversial Confederate statue known as “Silent Sam” on the UNC campus in Chapel Hill.

“I think violence of any sort at any time with regard to any statue wherever it may be in the country is a very disappointing and disturbing thing,” Rouzer said. “We do not operate in this society with a mob mentality.”

“I hope the authorities will be able to track these folks down and put them in jail,” and Rouzer added, “That’s where they belong.”

Recently, Rouzer addressed the Benson Chamber of Commerce where he was quoted as saying the country is making a comeback thanks to a strong approach to the economy, military and other areas by President Donald Trump. We asked Rouzer to elaborate on one area in particular where he thinks the country is making a comeback.

“I think, economically, there’s absolutely no question about it. The last quarter we’re at 4.1 percent GDP growth, the tax cut and reform bill that Congress passed has been a big part of that, the regulatory reform measures that the Administration and Congress has been putting in place has been a big part of that and then we are rebuilding our military and reasserting our influence in the world,” Rouzer said. “America really is making a comeback.”


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