After State Fair sex offender arrests, Cape Fear Fair & Expo talks safety

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In light of several reports of sex offenders at the State Fair in Raleigh this month, security is on people’s minds here in Wilmington as the Cape Fear Fair & Expo opens Friday night.

“We have checked our people in the background, and we know what we have. We’re not worried, we don’t have anybody with a sexual offender, predator type background,” said Vice President Skip Watkins.

The Cape Fear Fair & Expo is all about having a good time, but it’s also important to keep safety in mind when you go out to enjoy yourself. Watkins said that guest safety is a top priority and there will be a number of security measures in place throughout the duration of the fair.

“You’re going to have New Hanover County Law Enforcement Association parking our cars. You’re gonna have New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office providing our true security out here. And there’s going to be several officers, several deputies in uniform and there’s going to be several out of uniform,” said Watkins.

The Cape Fear Fair & Expo is considered an exclusion zone, just like a park or school would be. That means sex offenders cannot attend.

Watkins said there are also ways that you can help.

“If a citizen, if a mom or a dad sees somebody that concerns them, we ask them to approach one of our staff,” said Watkins.

And always have a buddy.

“We always encourage groups, on the teenagers. If you’ve got an 8- or 9-year-old, mom and dad need to be there. Ten-year-old, 11-year-old mom and dad need to be there,” Watkins said.

The fair runs daily through November 8.

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