Saint Nicholas Christmas Foundation grants wishes

BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) — Christmas may be over, but Santa’s helpers are still working.

Friday morning, the Saint Nicholas Christmas Foundation delivered presents to people at the Leland House located off of Lincoln Road North East.

The non-profit has already delivered more than a thousand presents to hundreds of people in Brunswick and New Hanover counties.

This is their sixth year buying presents for people in assisted living facilities.

Founder Nicholas Newell says with the help of the community, they were able to grant everyone’s wishes.

He says this act of kindness goes a long way.

“This year, somebody asked for Elvis CD’s which I though was pretty cool. One that stands out to me from last year, was hearing aid batteries. It’s just something that’s so simple. Something that you and I may take for granted. You get really simplistic things, to some interesting things,” Newell stated.

Newell says with the help of the community, the foundation collected a total of $15,000 from gift and monetary donations.

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