Same-sex couples concerned after Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to Supreme Court

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, officially confirmed as of Monday.

While some are excited by this nomination, others like Liliana Moyer and Jordan Johnson are worried about the possibility of marriage equality being overturned.

“I want to go and say this is my official, government official wife,” Moyer said.

Just engaged this weekend, Johnson says she has been planning a proposal but the appointment of Barrett encouraged her to do it sooner rather than later.

The couple says no matter what they will have a ceremony and call one another wife.

“It’s more of like, we can do this. We have the right to do this,” Moyer said.

The two encourage others like them to continue loving and being themselves.

“Don’t change who you are just because someone disagrees with it,” Johnson said.

“No matter who is against you, there’s always going to be people that are there for you regardless,” Moyer said.

People like Rabbi Emily Losben-Ostrov.

“I know many of my friends are scared right now after the new appointment to the Supreme Court and all the unrest and things that have happened,” Losben-Ostrov said. “As a Rabbi, one of the services I can offer is help celebrate that love that individuals have.”

Rabbi Losben-Ostrov, an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, says she’s not encouraging rushed marriages. She says it is her duty to make sure couples are fit to be married, but she is happy to help those who are in committed relationships and would like to get married soon.

She says she wants to do what she can to show her support and provide resources.

“In our Torah, it tells us that everyone is created in God’s image,” Losben-Ostrov said. “Everyone is entitled to love and everybody is entitled to the same rights.”

Losben-Ostrov speaks to those who say their religion does not support same-sex marriage.

“It’s your right to have that religion and to follow, but your rights do not get to inflict on anyone else’s right to equality,” she said.

Rabbi Losben-Ostrov can be reached through the Temple of Israel’s website and Facebook page.

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