School bus laws: Do you know when to stop?

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — In less than a week, school will be back in session in our area and that means more school buses on the roads. So, how well do you know the rules of the road?

Brunswick County Schools Transportation Director Bobby Taylor says two big issues for school bus safety are distracted drivers and drivers who do not know the rules.

Taylor says to treat a school bus like a soccer ball has rolled out into the street meaning a child will soon follow.

He says on two-lane roads all drivers must stop when a school bus stops for passengers. On a four-lane road without a median all drivers must stop.

The only time drivers traveling the opposite direction do not have to stop is when the road has four lanes with either a median separation or center turning lane.

He says drivers must be patient.

“Your day is going to be a little bit longer because there is going to be 153 additional buses on the road where there wasn’t all summer long,” Taylor said. “They can only travel 45 miles an hour, and they’re going to stop a lot. That’s the nature of a school bus. But our most precious cargo is on those buses.”

Taylor says exterior surveillance cameras on buses have helped identify drivers breaking the law, but there are still around 35 violations per day in Brunswick County.

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