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Study shows North Carolina has below average drivers

Ever wonder if the bad drivers around you are really the worst? QuoteWizard, an insurance firm, wanted to give North Carolina drivers a full view of how bad drivers really are.

Checkpoints planned on roads, water this summer

Multiple agencies began the 9th annual "On the Road, On the Water, Don't Drink and Drive" campaign today ahead of Memorial Day to help with safety during the holiday weekend and throughout the summer.

Ban it like Beckham: Phone costs soccer star right to drive

David Beckham has been banned from driving for six months for using a mobile phone while behind the wheel of his Bentley.

NC House members: Cellphone ban while driving needs work

Legislation originally designed to prohibit hand-held cellphones while driving in North Carolina nearly sank after a rewrite because lawmakers worried it would punish people who eat or put on makeup behind the wheel.

Troopers crack down on teen driving safety during statewide operation

The State Highway Patrol has concluded a week-long campaign held annually each year to combat fatal collisions involving teen drivers. 

More driver license examiners to go to work in NC

North Carolina's Division of Motor Vehicles is adding 14 new driver license examiner graduates to its ranks as it tries to improve customer service.

North Carolina considers hand-held phone ban while driving

Distracted driving dangers are getting revisited in North Carolina, where lawmakers are advancing a prohibition on hand-held cellphone use in the name of reducing fatalities and potentially reining in insurance rates.

School bus laws: Do you know when to stop?

In less than a week, school will be back in session in our area and that means more school buses on the roads. So how well do you know the rules of the road?

Trooper: Car hit 197 mph during North Carolina street race

A North Carolina man is accused of pushing his Dodge Challenger to 197 mph (317 kph) during a street race last month.

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