Security tightened after WBHS shooting

ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) — A student shot outside of a Bladen County high school is recovering tonight. The incident has parents at West Bladen High looking for answers. Parents had tons of questions after the shooting, and some are still out of the loop today, including the victim’s mother.

Tuesday afternoon Robert Davis was shot near the front entrance of the school. The bullet lodged near his lung. At the time, though, Davis was unaware he was hit. After he realized what had happened he was airlifted to a Wilmington hospital.

Today Davis’s mother told us her son had told her about bullies that he had problems with at school. She said she alerted the principal Antonio Beatty, but nothing was done.

Bladen County Schools Superintendent Greg Killingsworth said the school was aware of the mother’s concerns.

“We have to have facts before we react and Mrs. Beatty has done an excellent job with the investigation,” Killingsworth said. “Is someone being shot a good enough fact now to make sure someone keeps an eye out when someone reports bullying? Well bullying is a new state statue that we have even trained employees, we take it very serious.”

Students who returned to school today were greeted by extra sheriff deputies and even metal detectors. Killingsworth says the precautions are just stepping stones to make sure everyone stays safe. As for those extra precautions like the metal detectors, the superintendent says they’ll be up as long as the schools needs them.

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