Seeing double: Oak Island man worried others may be over charged by Spectrum

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) —  What started as a routine bill payment has now turned an Oak Island man’s budget upside down. He says Spectrum customers should check their payments.

John Barry tells us Spectrum is calling it simply a glitch. However for him, it’s more than $300 that has put a hole in his fixed income.

“It’s frustrating to look at your bank account and it’s down $151 extra than usual,” said Barry.

Barry stayed hopeful it wasn’t a major issue, but his phone calls to the cable service provider haven’t eased his mind.

“They didn’t know how or when it was going to be fixed. It was something that confused them as much as anything.”

What Barry heard next lead him to reach out to us.

“They said they were working on it diligently because everybody that was billed on the 19th got double charged in their system.”

WWAY reached out to Spectrum. They told us they are investigating the double charge but would not say more about policy.

Barry went to the bank to see what it could do. He was told, Spectrum could fax a request to remove the charge. Barry says Spectrum told him they could not do that.

“The bank won’t do one thing, Spectrum won’t do the other so the customer is kind of left hanging.”

Barry wants other customers to not be left hanging.

“That’s what I put online, check your accounts.”

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