Sen. Hagan disappointed by DAK Americas closure

WASHINGTON, DC (WWAY) — From Capitol Hill, North Carolina’s Democratic senator reacted to the plant closure in Brunswick County.

Sen. Kay Hagan (D-North Carolina) said Thursday she’s disappointed to see that 600 workers will lose their jobs when DAK Americas shuts down in Navassa come fall.

It’s one of many reasons she said she’s focused on creating jobs by encouraging small business growth and promoting job-specific education in Southeastern North Carolina through her America Works Act.

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“It works closely with our community colleges. We’ve got Cape Fear. We’ve got a number of community colleges in the area that really are doing a great job. We need to be sure they have the funds for training, they have the funds for the equipment so they can teach the programs that are really available for the jobs that are at hand right now and do away with that mismatch of skill sets.”

Hagan said she’s also pushing congress to keep student loan interest rates at 3.4 percent so more people can learn those skills. If congress doesn’t act, those interest rates would double to 6.8 percent July 1.

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