Sen. Hagan visits Wilmington, speaks about Medicare, debates and Ebola

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Senator Kay Hagan made a stop in the Port City to speak to seniors about the future of Medicare and Social Security. During the stop, she also spoke about not attending tonight’s debate and the the possibility of travel bans due to the concerns over Ebola.

The visit was a part of Sen. Hagan’s #NCFirst tour of the state; the senator spoke in the Northeast Wilmington Library before noon. Additional stops the senator plans to make include Goldsboro and Wilson. The stops are aimed to show senior citizens her viewpoints on issues that affect them, according to a news release.

“I will never, and let me repeat, I will never support plan that privatizes Social Security,” Sen. Hagan said.

Also on schedule tonight, a debate sponsored by the Charlotte Observer, The Raleigh News & Observer and Time Warner Cable News with republican challenger Thom Tillis. When asked why Sen. Hagan planned not to attend, she said that she only agreed to three debates with Tillis and she was focusing on campaigning until election day.

Senator Hagan also spoke about her thoughts on the Ebola crisis in parts of Africa and why she now supports a travel ban.

“I have been consistent saying a travel ban could be part of an overall strategy, and we should have a travel ban on non-US citizens from the three West African countries.”

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