Sheriff defends deputies involved in Smith shooting

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — At a news conference today we asked Sheriff Ed McMahon what he would say to those who think the deputies should not have shot Brandon Smith.

"I would say that those people are wrong and that is a small part of our community,” Sheriff McMahon stated. “When you live a certain life style and when you make choices there will be consequences. And it's not OK to shoot anybody, including officers."

District Attorney Ben David weighed in on the issue.

“Today there are going to be others who are not happy,” David told reporters. “It's simply a matter of looking at the facts, looking at the law and saying, here's what it is.”

The Sheriff also addressed the culture of violence that his deputies face.

“It's not OK when you are being apprehended to refuse and act aggressively, that's just not acceptable.“ The Sheriff said. “The violence has got to stop and law enforcement officers in your community are on the front lines.”

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