Sheriff’s detective says former cop was treated differently because of gender

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — In Brunswick County it was day three of a former police officer’s trial against the Town of Holden Beach. The ex-cop says she was discriminated against and fired because of her gender.

Terri Oxford was interim chief of the Holden Beach Police Department for five months in 2002 and 2003. Five years later she was fired. She says it was because she’s a woman.

Brunswick County detective Jayne Todd took the stand today. She worked closely with Oxford. Todd said most officers wake up in the morning, pin their badge on their shirt, go to work and get a paycheck. But Oxford, Todd said, pins her badge on her heart and goes to work with passion and love. Todd described oxford as meticulous, organized and careful handling evidence. She said more so than most officers. During testimony Wednesday she said she believed Oxford’s gender caused her to be treated differently than other officers within the department.

The defense did not have much of an opportunity today to question Det. Todd, but attorney Norwood Blanchard noted another officer, a man, was fired from the Holden Beach Police Department. Oxford says that officer was fired because he supported her.

Brunswick County Lieutenant Charlie Wilson is expected to testify tomorrow.

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