‘Sir Oinksalot’ the pig roots around for forever home

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (StarNews) — Sir Oinksalot the potbelly pig is tubby, round and friendly — and he’s waiting for his forever home.

Snuffling around in his neatly kept enclosure at the Brunswick County Animal Protective Services shelter, Sir Oinksalot — named by the shelter’s community outreach manager Belinda Musgrove — munched on food and wandered around his grassy lot Wednesday afternoon. Despite the circumstances he came from, shelter director Sgt. Colin Smoots said the roughly 5-year-old, 150-pound pig is “a pretty nice guy.”

“He’ll come right up to your legs and rub up on you,” he said. “Most of the pigs we get, when they see us they’re running and squealing the other way, but he actually likes the attention.”

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