Smoke testing scheduled for Surf City

The Surf City Utility Department is warning residents of a scheduled smoke test on the sewer system.

It will happen on July 27 starting at 9:00 a.m. between the 14173 and 13386 Hwy 50/210, JH Batts Road, James Ave, The Waterside subdivision, Triton Village, Gateway and Promenade shopping centers, Topsail Landing, and Treasure Coast Landing.

The impacted areas will have colored non-toxic smoke blown into the sewer system.

This test is to find deficiencies in the sewer system for repairs. It will also help test how well the sewer traps and vents in resident’s homes are working.

If smoke enters your home, it will dissipate after a few minutes and is not harmful.

However, this smoke will indicate deficiencies in a residence’s plumbing where sewer gases can also enter the house.

If this happens, you’re advised to contact a plumber.

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