SOLAR ENERGY: Miracle Field is now greener than ever

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Thanks to the donation of three power companies, PowerSecure Solar, Advanced Energy Industries and Daetwyler Clean Energy, Wilmington’s Miracle Field will be the country’s first solar-powered field in the Miracle League.

Solar panels creating self-sustaining energy will now light up miracle field. They will sell the energy to offset the facility’s electric bill.

The city- and county-owned space gives children and young adults with special needs the opportunity to play baseball.

PowerSecure Solar turned on the panels Saturday, February 22.

They say they’re happy to be working with the people that made the field possible.

Solar Division Director, Daniel Kinateder says,
“We’re proud to be a part of it, bringing what we do to the ground.” Kinateder added, “PowerSecure would like to challenge any Miracle League facility to do something similar to this, to bring solar [power] to the people who use these facilities.”

They’re also using the presence of the solar panels to create a learning opportunity. Plaques explaining the energy conversion are planned to be installed in front of the infrastructure.

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