Some women more prone to breast cancer

Recent research has shown some women are more prone to developing breast cancer than others.

There’s important new information tonight for those women who are at high risk for inherited breast cancer.

Women with the breast cancer genes known as BRCA1 and BRCA2 are at extremely high risk for breast cancer.

Without drastic prevention measures, women with these genetic mutations have a 70-90 percent chance of developing breast cancer.

But despite the very high risk, these women are no more likely to die from breast cancer than other women who are diagnosed with the disease.

Researchers in Israel studied nearly 1,800 women with breast cancer, around 10 percent of whom had the high-risk genetic mutations.

The analysis showed that women with these genes had the same odds of dying from their illness as women with other forms of breast cancer.

In both groups, roughly half of women were still alive 10 years after being diagnosed.

Only around 33-40 percent had actually died from breast cancer.

There was also no difference when the women were treated with chemotherapy, suggesting that women with the mutations cancer respond equally well to treatment.

However, women with the BRCA genes still need to be monitored closely to catch any early signs of cancer.

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