South Brunswick’s Minor has major talent in shot put

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — Looks can sometimes be deceiving in sports. There’s a South Brunswick High School student who looks like he wouldn’t be a state champion in the shot put, but he is.

Ryan Minor is not your typical shotputter. He’s not the biggest, the tallest or the heaviest. In fact Minor only weighs 185 pounds, but he is the best high school shot putter in the state.

He won the state 3A championship last week. His throw of 58 feet 10.5 Inches would have been good enough to win by a few feet in any of the state’s classifications. So the question is, what’s his secret?

“I’ve tried to perfect my technique as much as possible, and I work on my speed because coming off the ring the fastest will get you the furthest throw,” Minor said.

Minor is a track junkie. It’s his only sport, and he trains year round.

He’s a foot and a half away from the state record for the shot put, and his personal best ranks in the top 25 in the state for all time.

For Minor throwing the shot put is a family affair. His father threw the shot put at South Brunswick, too, and Ryan’s younger brother has talent at the sport as well.

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