Standing water from recent rain causes problems for New Hanover County auto shop

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After two days of torrential downpours, flooding continues to affect many areas across the Cape Fear region.

The rain has ended, however, there is still plenty of standing water including at a business in the 2800 block of Carolina Beach Road in New Hanover County.

The owner of Legacy Auto says flooding has been so bad that no one is able to enter or exit the parking lot.

Azra McCrory works at Legacy and says she’s never seen this happen and thinks it could mean the area needs a better drainage system. Even using pumps, the flooding is still causing a problem more than 24 hours later.

“We haven’t had customers for the last two days because people pretty much can’t drive through here with all of the flooding that’s taking place,” McCrory said. “And we had to move all of our cars to the back and to the side so we can’t have anything out facing the front because the cars started to get a little flooded as the water rose.”

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