Stranded on the Cape Fear

Some people in Pender County are stranded. Last week’s torrential downpours caused the Northeast Cape Fear River to crest at more than 15 feet, about five feet above flood stage. Homes along the river are flooded. The streets people usually take to work are now only accessible by boat.

“I’ve been through a lot of stuff in my life but I’ve never seen nothing like this,” says resident Ronnie Moore. “I’ve been through hurricanes. This is the top of the list right here.”

It can be tough, but it’s the price some people in Pender County pay to live along the river. “It’s kind of stressful when the water starts to rise but then you get used to it,” says Ronnie’s sister Lib.

Homes look like houseboats. Mailboxes are completely under water. And there’s a common theme; a lot of houses for sale. “It takes about an hour just to get to the store and it’s not but a mile away because you got to ride out in a boat,” says Ronnie Moore. The lowest part of River Birch Road measures about 10 feet of water.

The Moores have lived along the river for about five years. And this is the fifth time they’ve flooded. “Coy and I got married the last time it flooded up here,” says Lib Moore. “We paddled out and got married and then paddled back in. So we had a good time last time it flooded.”

Coy’s “man cave” is in about three feet of water. “It looks like we’re going to be delayed about a month on the next ball game down here,” Coy says.

But the Moores say they they wouldn’t trade living on the Cape Fear for anything.

It’s going to take a couple weeks for the water to completely clear and then the Moores and their neighbors say they will be left with about a foot of mud, which does not sound like fun to clean up.

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