Strickland in jail under $25 million bond

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Tabor City teen with ties to former state Sen R.C. Soles remains in jail tonight. Yesterday Allen “Frog” Strickland turned himself in after five days on the run.

Strickland has become a common name in and around Columbus County. The Tabor City teen has been arrested numerous times. His charges often involve his former attorney Soles. Police have charged Strickland with trespassing at Soles’s home and vandalizing it, too.

Earlier this month the teen got out of jail on a $1 million bond with the stipulation that he wear a GPS monitoring device and have no contact with Soles. But Thursday police say Strickland violated those court orders when he showed up to Soles’s home. Forty-five minutes later Strickland also cut off his GPS monitor. He was on the run until Monday night when the teen turned himself in to his bail bondsman.

“He’s in there so many times and in and out. I think he’ll find a way out and get out,” Columbus County resident Shannon Long said.

Long is just one many residents we spoke with Tuesday who were not only familiar with Strickland, but who also have their own thoughts on the teen and the former state senator.

“I don’t think he’s innocent at all,” Stacy Shipman of Whiteville said. “I think Soles gave him the money. He was set up. I’m surprised to see him in jail again, but I think he’ll get out again.”

While some are willing to name names, others are not. They say “Frog” will find another way out of jail.

“I think it is all political, and it stems back to a person, and I’m not naming any names, but I think he’ll work his ways out,” Long said.

For now Strickland is in the Columbus County Jail, under a $25 million bond for removing his GPS. His next court date is September 23 for what else? Vandalism and trespassing charges from an incident at Soles’s home earlier this year.

We tried contacting Mark Cartret, Strickland’s bail bondsman, to see if he would repossess Strickland’s home and car, which were collateral for his bond. We have not yet heard back from Cartret.

We also contacted Strickland’s attorney, Craig Wright. He had no comment.

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