Students get on bus to learn in lab

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover High School biology students found a new way of learning and experimenting today.

The DESTINY Science Bus Discovery from UNC Chapel Hill transformed into a classroom for Michelle Huffman’s biology class for the day. DESTINY stands for Delivering Edge-cutting Science Technology and Internet across North Carolina for Years to come.

Students who normally would not be able to use high-tech equipment in a laboratory got that opportunity by getting on the bus.

“It all started it was to pull in low-wealth, minority kids into the lab and give them exposure to it. And now it’s evolved into just getting kids involved in it in general, and it’s a really great thing for us, because we can give them something that they would get in college, when we can give it to them now,” Huffman said.

The students conducted research to teach them about sickle cells.

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