Students upset colleges stayed open during storm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — At a time when New Hanover County is under a State of Emergency and officials are advising people to stay home, college students still had to go to class today.

Snow days are rare in the south. So how bout a rain day? Not at CFCC and UNCW today, even though public schools in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick Counties were closed.

“It’s horrible,” CFCC student Arthur Lewis said. “I mean getting out in the rain, risking our lives to come up here because they want to keep their little schedule.”

School was the last place some students wanted to be Thursday.

“You got to get out and risk losing your car and come up here and go to class when very few people showed up. They should have just shut it down,” Lewis said. “Maybe a few teachers will lose their cars today and start revolting.”

But CFCC spokesman David Hardin says the weather did not warrant a cancellation.

“The mission of the college is to serve adults and prepare them for the world of work,” Hardin said. “We’re a little different than the public schools that are closed today. They’re dealing with young children, which, of course, is much different than working with adults.”

Hardin says instructors drove around to test out the safety of the streets.

“When it came down to make the call, the majority of the streets were passable, so we remain open so we can keep providing the job training that everyone is looking for right now,” he said.

Whether they were dressed for it or not, UNCW students were also out of luck.

“These decisions are always difficult to make,” UNCW Environmental Health & Safety Director Stan Harts. “We made the decision based on information we received from the national weather service and emergency management and detailed surveying of the campus. We’ve been doing round-the-clock surveying of campus conditions.”

Harts said the flooding wasn’t bad enough to cancel classes.

“As opposed to other events, such as hurricanes that are much more of a threat to public safety, this is really a lot of water, an inconvenience, and a lot of standing water, something we all deal with every day in typical rain storms,” Hart said.

UNCW did cancel classes last night because of flash flooding and gale force winds. Another reason CFCC and UNCW decided not to cancel classes today was because a lot of businesses were open.

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