Supply Elementary students launch rockets

SUPPLY — Launching rockets is one way fifth-graders at Supply Elementary School are having fun while learning math and science.

Students armed with rockets came by the dozens, ready to put what they learned to the test.

Supply Elementary student Laura Doherty said, “We had the body tube the nose cones and the tail fins and we put them together. Inside we have the rocket and we have plugged in the chip and were going to launch it over there.”

Starbase isn’t your ordinary science project…

It’s a week long intense, interactive math and science program centered around building rockets.

Starbase director Tim Simmons said, “We teach them about property of air. Does air have weight. Does it take up space? We teach them different laws. Why do things fly? We teach them about newton’s law of motion. What is inertia?”

At the end of the week Simmons helps the students evaluate their work, by seeing if their rockets will fly.

Supply Elementary student Jasmine Mainville said, “It was amazing and it was actually pretty cool to see it go up so high.”

Simmons hopes the program makes an impact on the student’s lives.

“I hope they take away that learning is a fun thing and that learning is a fun experience and I hope that we turn some of these kids onto careers in math and science especially the females, because there’s not a lot of females in aerospace engineering,” Simmons said.

It looks like Starbase is doing exactly what Simmons hoped for.

Laura said, “Well, I was talking to my mom the other day and I decided that I might want to be an astronaut but I guess that’s something I’ll plan sooner or later.”

If you would like to know more about the program or possibly get your child’s school involved call Tim Simmons at 251-7332 for more information.

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