Supporters, opponents sound off on House Bill 2

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Protesters and supporters of House Bill 2 are continuing to voice their opinions about the controversial law. Some are concerned about limiting protections of the LGBT community, while others say the law protects people’s privacy.

There are lot of different viewpoints when it comes to this law which prevents local governments from adopting anti-discrimination measures.

People gathered at the intersection of College and Oleander in Wilmington to protest the law.  People expressed their displeasure with the law and vocalized their support of the LGBT community.

Ryan Burris, of Cape Fear Equality,  said the law threatens everyone’s equal rights.

“This is just pure hate and discrimination,” said Burris. “It is about discrimination, not only the bathroom issue but this took away non-discrimination ordinances for the whole LGBT community, whether it’s restaurants or hotel stays or taxi rides so it’s very far reaching than the LGBT community.”

While many at the rally were protesters, one man was there in support of the law. Brett Gainey held a sign up that said ‘Keep grown men out of little girls bathroom’. Gainey said House Bill 2 is about protecting people and to him personally it means protecting people he loves.

“There’s a lot of females in my life that matter to me and I think I am standing up for all of them,” said Gainey.

Burris replies to comments like this with this response.

“There are already protections in criminal law here in North Carolina that keep predators out of the restroom already,” said Burris.

Joe and Ginny Quaglia, of Ocean Isle Beach, said House Bill 2 isn’t discriminatory, it’s protecting everyone’s privacy.

“We all should be entitled to privacy and safety, and security when we are doing our most basic private functions, and to have that threat,” said Ginny Qualgia. “And I can’t even imagine someone who has been sexually abuse, assaulted or molested now facing the fact that someone misusing this ordinance, whatever it’s intentions were originally to do something harmful.”

“And it’s no way discrimination, that’s just preposterous,” said Joe Quaglia.

A number of big cities have imposed tax-payer funded travel bans to our state after House Bill 2 was passed which includes New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

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