Teacher of the Week: Beverly Ladd

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After surprising second grade teacher Beverly Ladd, it didn’t take long for her students to tweet the news; yes, you read that correctly: tweet.

“They’re growing up in a world where there is more technology in it I think its important that they use it in a safe way,” Mrs. Ladd said.

She uses twitter and skype to connect students around the world. Student Samantha Strahley explained why she loves the lessons. “I really like Sweden,” she said. “We get to be pen pals with them and we always skype with them.”

But Sweden isn’t the only stop on the map. “We skype other countries,” Lapp said. “We talk to Africa and Spain to connect with different cultural experiences in the classroom, just connecting it with our curriculum.”

The Pine Valley Elementary teacher even argues twitter can improve critical thinking and writing skills. She challenges them to tweet the main idea in stories and problems. Once they can tweet it, in other words explain it in 140 characters or fewer, that means they understand it.

“They’re like my own. Twenty four, seven..this it,” she looked around. “This is just an honor.”

And the students give her gifts to show their appreciation. There are frogs all over her classroom! In addition to computers, the woman loves frogs. Lapp admits she just can’t get enough of the cute creature.

But the gift she has for students is not tangible, like the many stuffed animals around her room. “I want them to know that the world is theirs and they can go where they want to go.”

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