Teacher of the Week: Byron Hager

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — How does a fan club for a teacher sound? Pretty good right?

At Murray Middle School in Wilmington, that’s exactly what seems to be going on. Social studies teacher Byron Hager got more than a dozen nominations for Teacher of the Week; clearly enough for a fan club!

Eight of those nominations called him the coolest guy they know.

Seven of them called him the funniest guy they know.

And nine of them said please make him the best teacher, because he is the best teacher.

“Completely taken aback right now,” Hager said when surprised with $300 for his classroom and title of Teacher of the Week. “What an honor. I love teaching. I love doing what I do.”

And how does he do it?

I always tell the kids the curriculum is from the State of North Carolina. The entertainment comes from me,” Hager said. “I do allow humor. I like humor.”

And why humor?

“I just feel like it keeps them engaged,” Hager said. “I feel like it creates an environment where they feel comfortable. They know that they can be silly sometimes because I can be silly.”

It’s a method that seems to help Hager’s 7th graders.

“A lot of people think that middle school teachers are crazy, but I call it the Goldilocks,” Hager said. “They’re not too young, they’re not too old. I truly feel that this is the age where you can really make an impact, help give them the guidance they need to the next right thing.”

A lot of his students definitely think Mr. Hager’s doing the right thing, and that’s why he’s the WWAY Teacher of the Week.

Hager’s students are also involved in the community. There are 134 students who perform three hours each resulting in more than 400 hours of time helping others.

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