Teacher of the Week: Jennifer Andersen

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Jennifer Andersen is setting her class on the right path at Pine Valley Elementary School in Wilmington and she loves doing it!

“I just love seeing their little brains light up and how eager they are to learn,” she says, “it’s simply amazing how much they grow up.”

Part of teaching philosophy is to involve parents in the process because “they know them better then we do and can reach them in different ways.”  Andersen believes partnering with parents makes her job easier and helps the students learn faster.

As much as she loves teaching she says she “also loves recess time,” adding “the things they bring to the table are the things we forget as adults.  They stop and smell the roses.”

In the end she says she always wants them to remember how much she cares about them and how much she loves them.

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