Teacher of the Week: Wendy Strickland

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — Third Grade Teacher Wendy Strickland was shocked when our cameras showed up. “They told me yesterday that Dr. Cobb was coming to observe my balance, literacy and action. So, I was like, on a Wednesday, half day? I thought i could wear jeans.” Not the case. She was still glad she dressed up for her TV debut though.

Pender County Superintendent Dr. Terri Cobb showed up, but it wasn’t to observe. It was to celebrate. “This is particularly special,” Dr. Cobb explained. “Because we’ve had a parent recommend the teacher for this recognition so we’re very proud of her and very excited for her and its well deserved.”

It’s all thanks to one nomination. Parent Heather Sheehan has triplets in Ms. Strickland’s classroom. Her son is diabetic. She was uneasy sending him to school…until meeting Wendy Strickland. “She has made it to where this child can come to school and is comfortable and she’s full of love,” Sheehan paused. “Every child that comes out of this classroom is fully loved.”

Wendy Strickland said she truly loves her students, “I have never once out of this class heard someone say ‘I can’t’ or ‘I won’t.'”

Teachers, parents and students surprised her by showing their love with a cake, roses and balloons. South Topsail Elementary AnnaMarie Romero-Lehrer said, “To have parents that investing in a teacher and to be able to honor a teacher like that…you know that its heartfelt and you know that she really deserved it.”

Wendy stood and looked at the kids surrounding her, “I have an amazing class and a wonderful group of parents this year.”

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