Teachers prepare to go back to school

Back-to-School is right around the corner for New Hanover County Students. Teachers have been getting ready for a big year, too! Teachers are getting their classrooms ready, and say they’re excited about the new school year.

Tonight, teachers at Pine Valley Elementary will meet with students and parents at the first PTA meeting of the new school year.

Sometimes, the teachers are just as nervous as the students about the first day of school.
“I mean you’re meeting a new person and a new family that you’re going to help.”, said Tim Mills who teaches at Pine Valley Elementary School “There’s some nervousness with it.” Other teachers say they know there will be challenges ahead.

“There’s some things that you do every year and you become a well-oiled machine but then theres things theres new challenges every year that you come across.”, said Pine Valley kindergarten teacher Jennifer Booher.
Many parents were surprised to see items like reams of copy paper on back to school shopping lists. The teachers say it’s a sign times are tough for everyone — including schools trying to hang on to top teachers.

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