‘Teen Mom’ star Evans out of jail after second arrest in one week

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — For the second time in a week “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans found herself behind bars last night. Her latest charge is violation of a domestic violence protection order.

Evans did not have much to say as she left the Brunswick County Jail this morning. Earlier in the day, she made her first appearance at the Brunswick County Courthouse Tuesday for allegedly violating a protection order set by her ex-roommate Hannah Edmond.

One week ago deputies arrested Evans on charges of harassing phone calls and communicating threats.

“The allegations that are against her right now are frustrating for me to see and experience,” Evans’s Dustin Sullivan said. “She’s been doing absolutely everything correctly.”

Tuesday the judge granted Evans $1,000 secured bond for her latest charge.

Friends of Evans would not go on camera, but they said this is the first time that she’s ever spent the night in jail.

Sullivan, who has represented Evans for more than a year, says although he understands the significance of her charges, he does not quite understand the attention her cases receive.

“There are some pretty doggone important cases within our county, and it’s always amazing to me how some of those cases don’t receive the attention that some of these, what I would consider, small things, insignificant things, do,” Sullivan said.

Whether her alleged crimes are big or small Evans is due back in court February 7.

Friends of Evans say these past two incidents revolve around an acquaintance of hers named James Duffy. Evans pressed charges last week against Duffy for cyberstalking.

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