Testimony continues in second day of Nathan Tyler, Jr. murder trial

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — As the murder trial for the man accused of killing a 26-year-old mother continued Thursday in Columbus County, another person also charged with the crime took the stand.

It was the second day of Nathan Tyler’s murder trial.

On Thursday the courtroom heard from the arresting officer and another suspect in the case, Michael Williams.

Captain Jason Soles with the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office took the stand first.

He described what they found at the scene, and showed the charred remains of what was left of Alicia Deans’ car.

When Williams took the stand, he told the court this was all set up by Tyler to rob Deans.

He said he played the role of a robber and tied up Deans and Kayla Turner while pointing a gun at them.

Williams said Deans was put in the trunk of a car.

Williams said he got out of the car at his home and gave the gun back to Tyler.

After Williams’ testimony, the judge decided to withhold his bond because he pleaded to murder.

Court ended with a twist.

A man named John Callihan took the stand.

He said Tyler was his cellmate in the Columbus County Jail.

Callihan said Tyler asked him if he knew of anyone who would kill police, because he wanted to kill Captain Soles, the officer who arrested him.

Callihan also said Tyler already contacted someone for the job, but Callihan reported it to the sheriff’s office.

Court resumes Friday.

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