The African Children’s Choir melts hearts

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The African Children’s Choir paid a visit to St. Andrews Covenant Presbyterian Church Sunday.
It was one of many stops they made today.

“Helping Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow.” That’s the motto The African Children’s Choir lives by.  Since 1984, the nonprofit organization has been singing and dancing their way into the hearts of Americans.

Their goal, to educate African children who may otherwise not have the chance.

Volunteer Kyle Serquinia said, “Over the last 32 years we have helped 52,000 children go to school in Africa. From elementary school all the way up to university.”

That’s something choir conductor, Sania Nakayiza knows very well. As she was in the same program back in 2000. Last year Nakayiza graduated with a degree in public administration and management. Now she volunteers through the organization, not only to give back, but to help others realize their potential.

“To help them know that they can be something.” Nakayiza said. “Even when the world they’re in is hard, they can grow up and be something that they want to be.”

For all of the children, getting the chance to come to America and experience things such as flying, electricity, and swimming for the first time, it allows them to get a taste of what else this world has to offer. And gives them the opportunity to create whatever future they desire.

To learn more about the African Children’s Choir, and find upcoming concert dates in North Carolina, visit

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